Issue 09|2000

Issue 09:

Issue 9 available in printed form; some articles available in PDF.  Contact us.


Introducing Inroads 9

Replies to Jean-François Lisée’s Sortie de Secours  Henry Milner, Gordon Gibson, Philip Resnick and John Richards

Inroads Listserv: CBC, or Not to Be?  Harvey Schachter

The Academic Club: Exclusion Through Stealth Peg Tittle

Séguin, Parizeau and Globalization  Alexander Craig


The Prime Minister of Canada: Primus in All Things  Donald J. Savoie

King into Trudeau: Jean Chrétien Seeks Clarity Reg Whitaker

There’s Still a Chance for Jean III Tom Kent

Is Canada Really No. 1? The shaky Foundations of Canada’s Welfare State Henry Milner

The New Cité Libre: A Precious Legacy Abandoned Pierré Joncas


Foreward John Richards

The Social Union and Monsieur Ryan’s Unconditional Right to Opt Out  André Burelle

Letters: Claude Ryan and André Burelle

Greg Marchildon Reply to Ryan and Burelle: A Step in the Right Direction


Can Sweden Remain Exceptional Inside the EU? Anders Melbourn

The New UK: Devolution and the Union State Stephen Driver

In a Small Czech Town Hans Koning


Inroads Roundtable: What’s wrong with Canada? A business view with John McCallum, Colleen Moorehead, Barbara Moses, Dan Richards, Morgan Smyth and Evan Solomon.

John Ralston Saul’s Reflections of a Siamese Twin: An exchange Gérard Bouchard and John Ralston Saul

Religion in Quebec’s Schools Daniel Weinstock and Gary Caldwell

Scraping Away Political Rhetoric: A critique of Time to Say Goodbye: The Case for Getting Quebec Out of Canada John Richards and Reed Scowen