Issue 08|1999

Issue 08:

Issue 8 available in printed form; some articles available in PDF.  Contact us.


Introducing Inroads 8

Editorial: A Successful Counter-Reformation John Richards

Inroads Listserv: English Canadians Reflect on Sovereignty Harvey Schachter


The Agreement on the Canadian Social Union as Seen by a Quebec Federalist Claude Ryan

Appendix: A Framework to Improve the Social Union for Canadians


Camille Laurin: 1923-1999  John Richards, Henry Milner

Getting the Facts Straight on French: Reflections Following the 1996 Census Charles Castonguay

Linguistic Rights, Minority Rights and National Rights: Some Clarifications  Linda Cardinal and Ray Conlogue


On the Election Trail in Germany and Sweden Henry Milner

New Labour’s Third Way Eric Shaw

Social Democracy and Trade Unions in Canada: Lessons from Sweden Axel van den Berg


Inroads Roundtable: What does Alberta want? With Michael Dobbin, Gordon Christie, F.L. (Ted) Morton, Judith Romanchuk, Danielle Smith and Cora Voyageur Arthur Milner

A Principled Analysis of the Nisga’a Treaty West Coast Blues: Why B.C.? Why PC? Gordon Gibson

West Coast Blues Philip Resnick


Book Review: No Poster Boy Larry Pratt

Rwanda Five Years After the Genocide William Schabas

Civic Participation in Canada: Is Quebec Different? Gary Caldwell & Paul Reed

Joining the New Postal Parade: Can Canada Post Make It in the 21st Century? Robert Campbell

Globalization: Is It For Real? Laurent Dobuzinskis