Issue 07|1998

Issue 07:

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Introducing Inroads

Editorials John Richards, Henry Milner

Letter From Dhaka John Richards

The English Canadian Media and Quebec Gérald Leblanc

Excerpts from the Inroads-L Discussion Group Edited by Harvey Schachter


Introduction Henry Milner

The Case for Proportional Representation in Canada  Henry Milner

Will Canada Consider Electoral System Reform? Women and Aboriginals Should  Donley Studlar

MMP is Too Much of Some Good Things Kent Weaver

Electoral Reform is Not as Simple as it Looks Richard S. Katz

The Alternative Vote: An Electoral System for Canada Tom Flanagan

How to Renew Canadian Democracy  Tom Kent

Electoral System Change in New Zealand Peter Aimer

This Time Let the Voters Decide: The PR Movement in the United States Rob Richie and Steven Hill

Electoral System Reform in the United Kingdom Andrew Reynolds


Quebec Writers in Translation: Introduction  John Richards

Inroads Roundtable: Anglophones in Quebec Howard Greenfield, Julius Grey, Peter Scowen, Carolyn Sharp, Dermod Travis, Arthur Milner

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Anglophones in Quebec’s National Assembly Garth Stevenson

Breakfast in Bed; Semi-Balcony, Semi-Happiness; Due to Ignorance and Convenience  Pierre Foglia

French, a Language in Exile Fernand Dumont

Defence of French, Defence of a Society Léon Dion

The Decay of Civil Society in Contemporary Quebec Gary Caldwell