Issue 52|Winter / Spring 2023

Inroads 52
Issue 52:

Continuing our focus on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Inroads 52 casts a spotlight on Russia. Derek Shearer looks at Russia’s evolution from the 1960s to the present and asks whether Putin was inevitable. Filip Kostelka criticizes the “rogue intellectuals” who blame the West for their current situation, finding their conclusions both unconvincing and potentially harmful. Ronald Beiner explores the influence of “neofascist ideologue and general maniac” Aleksandr Dugin and the international far-right network in which he plays a prominent role. Other articles in this issue examine the failure of mental health policy reform in B.C., the treaty rights of indigenous fishers in the Atlantic provinces, the legitimacy crisis of the U.S. Supreme Court and recent political developments in the U.K., Sweden and Brazil.

Social Policy
First Nations