Issue 51|Summer / Fall 2022

Inroads 51
Issue 51:

Inroads 51 brings to light aspects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that might otherwise be ignored. Anne Michèle Meggs asks whether Canada’s chaotic immigration system can handle the coming influx of Ukrainians fleeing the war; Julia Smith discusses the rise of “crowdsourced humanitarianism”; Tatiana Kostenko describes her journey from her home in Kharkiv to New Brunswick; Geoff White examines why South Africa has not joined in the widespread condemnation of the Russian invasion; Reg Whitaker sees both continuities and significant differences between the old Cold War of the postwar period and the new one; and Philip Resnick’s poetic journal guides us through the first couple of months of the conflict. Other articles report on France’s election, Finland’s position atop the World Happiness Report, the trucker convoy and the return of ABBA.

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