Issue 48|Winter / Spring 2021

Inroads 48 cover
Issue 48:

Although borders may be closed because of COVID-19, immigration policy is still a subject in need of information and analysis. The main theme section in Inroads 48 makes clear that immigration to Canada is not primarily about people crossing borders but about those who are already here. From different perspectives, Anne Michèle Meggs and Mark Stobbe examine the back door to immigration provided by Canada’s international student program. Another theme section looks at race in the United States: Derek Shearer provides a personal view of race and politics from the 1950s to the Obama era, while the Inroads listserv discusses the recent Black Lives Matter protests. Also, John Richards and Harold Johnson propose different approaches for addressing social pathologies in First Nation communities. For Richards, the key is improving employment prospects; for Johnson, it is land-based healing.

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