Issue 41|Summer / Fall 2017

Issue 41:

The rise of populist parties, their challenge to established Western institutions and to classic left-right political divisions, and apparent Russian involvement in helping them along have thrown long-held assumptions into question. The theme section of Inroads 41 focuses on these questions, and especially on developments in Europe. Henry Milner and John Erik Fossum provide an overview, supplemented by reports from hot spots in the populist-versus-mainstream struggle: Germany, France, Britain, Central and Eastern Europe, Italy and the Netherlands. Two articles look at key figures in the early months of the Trump administration: chief strategist Steve Bannon and Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. Also in this issue, distinguished Turkish political scientist Ilter Turan traces the drift toward “electoral authoritarianism” in his country, while Josh Gordon examines the housing affordability crisis in Vancouver and Toronto and proposes a remedy.

Front Matter