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Cuban medical cooperation in Haiti Media coverage of Cuban medical cooperation following the disastrous earthquake in Haiti on January 12 was sparse indeed. International news reports usually described the Dominican Republic as being the first country to provide assistance, while Fox News sang the praises of U.S. relief efforts in a report entitled “U.S. Spearheads Global Response to Haiti Earthquake” – a common theme of its extensive coverage. Among CNN’s hundreds of reports, one focused on a Cuban doctor wearing a T-shirt with a large image of Che Guevara – and yet presented him as a “Spanish doctor.” By March 24, CNN had 601 reports on its news website regarding the earthquake in Haiti, of which only 18 (briefly) referenced Cuban assistance. Similarly, between them the New York Times and the Washington Post had 750 posts about the earthquake and relief efforts, but not a single one reported on Cuban support in any meaningful way.

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