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Thinking beyond Kyoto

©1999  EyeWire, Inc.An interview with François Bregha

by Arthur Milner

Since graduating from York University with a master’s degree in environmental studies, François Bregha has spent 30 years working in the environmental field, with organizations such as the Canadian Wildlife Federation, the Canadian Arctic Resources Committee, the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, and Environment Canada. Since 1988 he has worked as a policy consultant, and he is now vice-president of Stratos, an Ottawa-based company that assists business, government and international institutions “in the development and implementation of more sustainable practices and policies.”

Arthur Milner met with François Bregha at the Ottawa offices of Stratos on February 15, 2005.


ARTHUR MILNER: Tomorrow marks the official implementation of the Kyoto Accord. Are you excited?

FRANÇOIS BREGHA: I’m pleased that it’s finally come, because for a long time it was touch and go as to whether there would be enough signatory countries to ratify the protocol. So the fact that it has become international law is great. However, the difficulties that we had concerning implementation of the accord demonstrate that it’s going to be a very difficult road.

ARTHUR MILNER: How do you think Canada is positioned right now?

FRANÇOIS BREGHA: Very poorly – in part because we signed on to quite aggressive targets compared with other countries, and then we’ve spent the last several years talking about them but not doing very much. As a result, it’s evident that we will not be able to meet the targets domestically. The protocol allows countries to purchase credits from other countries to meet their targets, and I think it’s quite clear that Canada will have to do so.

ARTHUR MILNER: From an international environmental point of view, would you say that global warming is the number one priority?

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About the Author

Arthur Milner
Arthur Milner is Inroads’ culture columnist and a member of its editorial board. He is a former artistic director of Ottawa’s Great Canadian Theatre Company.


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