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The Paris attacks were foreseeable events

by Mezri Haddad

9_hebdo office_ceedot via flickrFor most analysts and politicians, the carnage at Charlie Hebdo and the hostage-taking in Vincennes – the first offensives in the war against France and the Republic – are traumas that nobody could have anticipated. But not for the French Muslim elite, or for the soldiers in the clandestine war against terrorism, or for the few journalists who dare to name the unnameable at the risk of being accused of Islamophobia. Along with enlightened Muslim intellectuals, they knew that this had to happen some day. They know to fear the worst if those in power don’t take this national tragedy as an occasion for a thorough review of their policy on immigration, integration, education, the reform of Islam and relations with some Gulf emirates. 

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About the Author

Mezri Haddad
Mezri Haddad is a Tunisian writer, philosopher and diplomat living in France. He was Tunisia’s ambassador to UNESCO from 2009 to 2011.


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