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The Jonah syndrome

by Kamel Daoud:

What remains for “Arab” intellectuals after the Charlie Hebdo events?


Faced with end-of-the-world jihadism, any intellectual identified as “Arab” is afflicted with the Jonah syndrome. Caught between Nineveh and Tyre, between the West and Islamistan.1 What use am I faced with mounting xenophobia and religious intolerance? How can I fight against obscurantism, against those who slit throats? How to resist and change the world?

Jonah took to the sea; he fled. He concluded that his role as envoy of God was at an impasse. End of scene one. 

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About the Author

Kamel Daoud
Kamel Daoud is an Algerian writer and journalist. His novel Meursault, contre-enquête (see review on p. 119) was shortlisted for the Prix Goncourt in 2014.


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