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Manifesto for a Quebec 
based on solidarity

A group of 12 public figures in Quebec recently published a manifesto calling for a “clear-eyed vision” of Quebec. They are alarmed about Quebec’s demographic decline, the size of its debt and increasingly fierce competition with Asian countries. The 12 who signed it say they are concerned about the future of Quebec’s children.

We, too, are concerned about our children’s future. Above all, we do not want to leave them a battered planet, forests that have been destroyed, greater social and economic inequalities or wars for control of what water is left. We want to pass on to them something more than the idea that we have no choice but to give in to whatever the market dictates.

We, too, think we are clear-eyed. An attentive, critical look at the fate of the world and Quebec’s future shows us the disastrous results everywhere of decades of neocapitalist economic policies. Social inequalities, poverty, financial crises and scandals, environmental degradation and climate change – all against a backdrop of bloody conflicts – are the visible consequences of laissez-faire policies that have relegated the responsibility for daily life and the future of the Earth and humankind to the illusion of a self-regulated market.

These are the real problems facing the world and Quebec, and they result primarily from the kind of globalization advocated by the powerful and affluent.

Conscious of this reality, we, as citizens from various walks of life, some affiliated and some unaffiliated with political parties, challenge the premises and reject the conclusions of the manifesto For a Clear-Eyed Vision of Quebec. For us, the issue is not the choice between the status quo and change, but the nature of the change itself …

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Henry Milner
Henry Milner is co-publisher of Inroads and a political scientist at the Université de Montréal.


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