The INROADS listserv, INROADS-L, is a discussion group based in Canada and associated with INROADS, THE CANADIAN JOURNAL OF OPINION. Both strive for intelligent, far-reaching analyses and critiques of major public policy issues that bridge ideological divisions.

Participants in INROADS-L include a wide-ranging group of policy analysts, academics, politicians, political advisors, and journalists. The list you will find is reasonably busy, but not burdensome, a special place we turn to for some intellectual stimulus and sustenance amidst the whirl of other activities. Contributions might range from detailed analysis of specific issues to off-the-top-of-the-head commentary on yesterday’s news to suggestions of something particularly insightful others might want to read elsewhere.

We also see it as a community, for sharing and growth. While participants at times disagree passionately and write cutting responses to each other’s posts, for this community to thrive it is important that an overall mutual respect be maintained and that we spend more time talking about what we mean rather than somebody else’s misstatements.

Discussions from the Inroads Listserv are published regularly in Inroads and have included debates on topics as diverse as:

Gold slug monitoring the Canadian and U.S. election campaigns (Winter/Spring 2009)
Gold slug Michael Ignatieff, Iraq and Empire Lite (#22, Winter/Spring 2008)
Gold slug Israel, Palestine and the war in Lebanon (#20, Winter/Spring 2007)
Gold slug the Danish cartoon affair (#19, Summer/Fall 2006)
Gold slug two-tier health care and the Supreme Court (#18, Winter/Spring 2006)

Listserv discussions have also appeared in the Inroads newsletter:

Gold slug the Governor General and the election call (September 2008)
Gold slug political leadership: deciphering the polls (March 2008)