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Federal election 2015: The leaders, the issues and the unknowns

7_Thomas_Mulcair-Tim Ehlich flickrby Dominic Cardy:

You would have to be foolish to predict the shape of the government that will form after the October 19 federal election. Canadian politics continues to surprise – look at the May election in Alberta. We can anticipate that the economy and security will be important. But it will be the leaders, ground game and war rooms that will decide a race that will likely turn on a small number of hard-fought riding-by-riding contests.

I cannot pretend to be neutral: as leader of the New Brunswick NDP, I will be working hard to make Tom Mulcair Canada’s first NDP prime minister. But here I offer a survey of the leaders, the party strategies and machines and the political landscape they’ll battle over during the campaign.

Since the peculiar election of 2011, no party has maintained support above the

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About the Author

Dominic Cardy
Dominic Cardy is the Leader of the New Brunswick New Democratic Party and a member of the Inroads editorial board.


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