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Multiculturalism in practice in a Mississauga school The multiculturalism debate rages on. In The New Republic in February, Indian-born Nobel Prize–winning economist Amartya Sen warned of “the disastrous consequences of defining people by their religious ethnicity and giving priority to the community-based perspective over all other identities.”1 Here in Canada, the March issue of The Walrus carried the provocative cover line “Face It!: Forget Quebec, Our Crisis is Multicultural.” Inside the magazine, prominent pollster Allan Gregg gave readers a tour of intercultural conflict zones, from the London underground to the banlieues of Paris to the beaches of Australia.2 The London bombings indicated that Britain’s policy of encouraging immigrants to retain their traditions had not succeeded, but the riots in France’s banlieues showed that that country’s strongly assimilationist policy had not worked any better.

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