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Stay the course, scale down or get out?

Paul Delany: Get out, scale down or stay the course in Iraq? [Issue 40, 2017]
by Paul Delany


Syria and liberal interventionism – II

Dominic Cardy: The West’s obligation to intervene in Syria [Issue 40, 2017]
by Dominic Cardy


19_Omaha beach, GI, Mer (1)

The horrors of war and the human condition

François Dupeyron’s very personal and haunting 2002 film The Officers’ Ward1 addresses the horrors of war and the damages that are inflicted on the human spirit. [Issue 35, 2014]
by Jeffrey Oberman


In the trenches

A century later, the First World War remains embedded in our imaginations [Issue 35, 2014]
by Bob Chodos



This is high school

A Canadian play and a Palestinian film offer similar insights about war [Issue 35, 2014]
by Arthur Milner