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Cultural diversity and Quebec’s common public culture

Imposed secularization, state appropriation of public education and multicultural orthodoxy do not augur well for coping with “deep cultural diversity "(Caldwell). [From Inroads 28, 2011]
by Gary Caldwell

London Central Mosque (Regents Park Mosque) England, UK, at sunset

Dissident Muslims, dissonant times

Meena Sharify-Funk reviews Irshad Manji's The Trouble with Islam Today ... and Their Jihad ... Not My Jihad!.... by Raheel Raza [From Inroads 26, 2010]
by Meena Sharify-Funk



Evangelicals in Canada

Canada has no equivalent of the American Christian Right. In the first place, Canada is a much more secularized society than the United States. [From Inroads 24, 2009]
by Gregory Baum


The evolving landscape 
of American Christianity

Gregory Baum looks into the evolving landscape 
of American Christianity [From Inroads 24, 2009]
by Gregory Baum



The religious test

Elections and politics and religions and theological grounds. Bob Chodos writes about the religious test in the U.S. [From Inroads 24, 2009]
by Bob Chodos


Polygamy, impunity and human rights

A column by Daphne Bramham based on her book: 
The Secret Lives of Saints: 
Child Brides and Lost Boys in Canada’s Polygamous Mormon Sect. [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Daphne Bramham



The return of God 
– and what to do about it

Who would have thought that the new millennium would begin with jihads, holy wars, fatwas, inquisitions and slaughter of the innocents in the name of God? [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Reg Whitaker


Can Canada afford 
two justice systems?

National Assembly of Quebec are saying “no” to the introduction, in Quebec and Canada, of so-called Islamic courts [Issue 18, 2006]
by Fatima Houda-Pepin



Arbitration, religious law and Islam

An introduction to Arbitration, religious law and Islam [Issue 18, 2006]
by Bob Chodos