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Quebec Politics


Ontario, Quebec and the 2015 federal election

Paul Barber : Looking ahead to the federal election [Issue 36, 2015]
by Paul Barber


Jacques Parizeau’s house of cards

Stéphane Dion reviews Chantal Hébert and Jean Lapierre’s The Morning After [Issue 36, 2015]
by Stéphane Dion


16_Fatima Houda-Pepin facebook

The age of fundamentalism

An interview with Fatima Houda-Pepin by Alec Castonguay [Issue35, 2014]
by Alec Castonguay


Secularism meets 
the Charter of Rights

With the victory of the Quebec Liberal Party, it is harder to make predictions. Kathleen Weil, the new Quebec Minister of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion, has been vague about what the legislation will contain. [Issue 35, ...
by Gareth Morley



Legislating secularism in Quebec

Secularism in Quebec. Where does it come from? Where is it going? [Issue 35, 2014]
by Guillaume Rousseau


The elephant is among us

Figures show that fear of a referendum was 
the dominant factor in the Quebec election [Issue 35, 2014]
by Jean-Francois Lisee


11 Montreal_-_Rue_Crescent

Montreal slips away from the PQ

An often overlooked dimension of the 2014 Quebec election is that of metropolis versus hinterland. [Issue 35, 2014]
by Eric Hamovitch

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The Quebec election and the Internet Generation

The Parti Québécois lost Quebec’s election on April 7 – and it deserved to. [Issue 35, 2014]
by Henry Milner



The total pain of dying

Is euthanasia a form of medical care? [Issue 35, 2014]
by Louisa Blair


Medically assisted dying

Quebec’s extraordinary citizens’ debate [Issue 35, 2014]
by Geoffrey Kelley



The PQ’s toxic values brew

Columnist Reg Whitaker sees the Parti Québécois retreating into a narrow ethnic form of nationalism [Issue 34, 2013]
by Reg Whitaker


Seven reasons to support (something like) the Quebec values charter

Columnist Arthur Milner finds seven reasons why something like the Quebec values charter deserves support – in Canada, not only in Quebec. [Issue 34, 2013]
by Arthur Milner



A society in search of itself

Reactions to Quebec’s “Lucide” manifesto [Issue 19, 2006]
by Joseph Facal


Gérald Tremblay and the tragedy of public life in Montreal

There is something Shakespearean about the political and personal consequences of the revelations of the Charbonneau Commission. [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Henry Milner


Photo: Former Laval mayor Gilles Valliancourt, Wikimedia Commons

The biggest corruption scandal in living memory

Irwin Block writes about the Montreal scandal. [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Irwin Block

quebec protest 22 juin flickr ricardo araújo

Social media politics

Are the new movements, from Quebec to Wall Street, compatible with representative democracy? [From Inroads 32, 2013]
by Henry Milner



An ex-politician’s Quebec election blog

Excerpts from Joseph Facal's blog, containing some of his more trenchant observations on Quebec’s recent election campaign. [From Inroads 32, 2013]
by Joseph Facal

Pauline Marois flickr Marie Berne

Language policy 
without the emotion

With the Parti Québécois winning the September 4 general election, language politics has once again been primed in Quebec and across Canada. [From Inroads 32, 2013]
by Bruce Hicks