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Don’t leave Afghanistan in American hands

The U.S. invasion and overthrow of the Taliban government in 2001 seemed at the time to many in Canada, and in the Western nations generally, a welcome development. [Issue 20, 2006]
by Doug McArthur


The mountain kingdoms

by John Richards



Inspired by Canada?

Basques seek to reform their status in Spain [Inroads 17, 2005]
by Robert Scarcia


The asymmetry rainbow

From the European Union to Australia, 
asymmetrical federalism comes in many forms [Inroads 17, 2005]
by Alan Trench


lippert image

Overcoming Bangladesh’s democratic deficit

The Rajshahi lecture [Inroads 17, 2005]
by Owen Lippert

Dance troupe Kitgum

All I really need to know about corruption I learned in Glace Bay

Federal transfer payments to have-not regions offer Canadians a close-to-home example of how aid dollars, in their billions, can disappear into flawed megaprojects or the pockets of provincial elites. [Inroads 17, 2005]
by Dominic Cardy


Netanyahu flickr- Lance Page _ t r u t h o u t; Adapted- Pete Souza

Israel/Palestine needs 
a more helpful narrative

Letter to the Editors on Israel/Palestine issue in the Winter/Spring 2005 issue of Inroads; and the author replies [Issue 17, 2005]
by Stephen Block


A multicultural murder?

The Netherlands struggles with the assassination of Theo van Gogh [Issue 17, 2005]
by Paul Lucardie



The Yes men and the No vote

A French referendum diary [Issue 18, 2006]
by Axel Queval


“Yes to the Europe I want – but No to this one”

Reflections on France’s rejection of the EU Constitution [Issue 18, 2006]
by Henry Milner



Arbitration, religious law and Islam

An introduction to Arbitration, religious law and Islam [Issue 18, 2006]
by Bob Chodos


Haitian wheels continue to spin

What should the international community – by which I mean the United Nations and, in particular, the United States, France and Canada – do now? [Inroads 15, 2004]
by Don Cayo



Avatar of anarchy, 
guarantor of order

Review of Baruch Kimmerling's, Politicide: 
Ariel Sharon’s War against the Palestinians. [Inroads 16, 2005]
by Reg Whitaker


The PD factor

Christian fundamentalists and U.S. policy in the Middle East [Inroads 16, 2005]
by Bob Chodos



The debate on Canadian campuses

Bringing back democracy and the spirit of scholarship [Inroads 16, 2005]
by Howard Stein


Why is there no 
Israeli-Palestinian peace?

Israel/Palestine has been hotly contested by two national movements. [Inroads 16, 2005]
by Simon Rosenblum



Two Canadian-Palestinian views

Inroads conversation with Nada Sefian and Leila Mouammar [Inroads 16, 2005]
by Arthur Milner


Arabic in Israel

A pictorial [Inroads 16, 2005]
by Arthur Milner