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Al Qaeda challenge, American response

It would be the supreme irony if Obama, elected in large part as a rebuke to George Bush for involving the US in two wars, took it into a third. [From Inroads 29, 2011]
by Carl Cavanagh Hodge


New Labour: A retrospective

Taking a look at Tony Blair's New Labour legacy...a retrospective look at the successes and failures by Dominic Cardy [From Inroads 27, 2010]
by Dominic Cardy



Sweden’s election affirmed the 
country’s basic values and achievements

The outcome of Sweden's September election is the latest development in an inevitable process: Sweden is edging closer to the pattern of its Nordic and northern European neighbours. [From Inroads 28, 2011]
by Henry Milner


Kashmir’s untold story: In the struggle between India and Pakistan, the Kashmiri people have been ignored

In the struggle between India and Pakistan over this disputed territory, the Kashmiri people have been ignored. The second of two articles [From Inroads 30, 2012]
by Idrisa Pandit


duck station

Bombay Duck: Excerpts from a novel-in-progress

In 1942 American GIs pour into Calcutta. Yasmine Khan opens a nightclub called Bombay Duck smack in the middle of town to entertain the restless GIs. [From Inroads 28, 2011]
by Sharbari Ahmed



Why are Canadian and other soldiers dying to support a government that denies women the freedom to control their own bodies? [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by Dominic Cardy



Clash of civilizations in Europe

Ian Malcolm reviews Christopher Caldwell's Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam, and the West [From Inroads 26, 2010]
by Ian Malcolm

Himalayas, looking south from over the Tibetan Plateau

China’s growing orbit

Cambodia and Nepal are harbingers of Beijing’s emerging influence [From Inroads 24, 2009]
by Dominic Cardy


Mucwini gathering

Northern Uganda

Compiled by Bob Chodos, from reporting by Dave Klassen 
and Rick Gamble. Photographs by Dave Klassen [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Dave Klassen


A work in progress

It is almost 15 years since the African National Congress took power in South Africa – a good time to look back and assess accomplishments and prospects. [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Robert Cohen



Belgium: less than the sum of its parts?

A part from chocolate and beer, one of the major products exported from Belgium over the last two decades has been its constitutional model. [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Johanne Poirier

Boys with toy guns

Scenes of hope and horror

An introduction by Bob Chodos and John Richards on the Africa Section of Issue 23. [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Bob Chodos



As Pakistan goes, so goes the world

The importance of Pakistan in the security and stability of the world has suddenly got the world’s attention. [From Inroads 22, 2008]
by Doug McArthur

10 100_0520

Mothers’ milk and babies’ blood

Hunger and HIV in Malawi [Issue 19, 2006]
by Betsy Trumpener



Free education – and then what?

Two NGOs try to cope with eastern Africa’s overcrowded schools [Issue 19, 2006]
by Don Cayo


Revolution as an instrument of development

The news coming out of Nepal in recent years has for the most part been grim. [Issue 20, 26]
by Dane Berry



Canada is ignoring 
its own advice

“Let our actions be guided by a spirit of wisdom and perseverance, by our values and our way of life. As we press the struggle, let us never, ever, forget who we are and what we stand for.” [Issue 20, 2006]
by Ernie Regehr

6 Garnotte_burqua_final

A stable Afghanistan is within reach

The debate over Canada’s military deployment in Kandahar province has, until now, focused on the “why” question and the “what” question. [Issue 20, 2006]
by Hakan Tunç