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International Issues


The strange tale of Canada’s Israeli lobby

Reg Whitaker: Why isn’t the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement open to debate? [Issue 40, 2017]
by Reg Whitaker


Will Bangladesh go the way of Pakistan?

John Richards: Little cause for optimism as Bangladesh follows Pakistan’s lead [Issue 40, 2017]
by John Richards



Standing up to Trump, Le Pen and Putin

Patrick Webber calls for unity in the centre to resist the illiberal left and right [Issue 40, 2017]
by Patrick Webber


Populist or dictator in the making?

Garth Stevenson on the Philippines’ populist, and possibly dictatorial, president [Issue 40, 2017]
by Garth Stevenson



Stay the course, scale down or get out?

Paul Delany: Get out, scale down or stay the course in Iraq? [Issue 40, 2017]
by Paul Delany


Syria and liberal interventionism – II

Dominic Cardy: The West’s obligation to intervene in Syria [Issue 40, 2017]
by Dominic Cardy



British Labour’s immigration problem

Eric Shaw on British Labour’s immigration problem [Issue 39, 2016]
by Eric Shaw


Britain’s EU referendum:
 The view from the Continent

Jan Eichhorn on how Europe would react to a Brexit [Issue 39, 2016]
by Jan Eichhorn



Spain: Will the new election resolve the impasse?

Marc Sanjaume-Calvet on the implosion of Spain’s two-party system [Issue 39, 2016]
by Marc Sanjaume-Calvet


A century after the Rising, Ireland is deadlocked

Garth Stevenson on the Irish impasse [Issue 39, 2016]
by Garth Stevenson


1_Syria_camp in Turkey

Syria and liberal interventionism

Dominic Cardy on Syria and humanitarian intervention [Issue 39, 2016]
by Dominic Cardy


Imperial Russia redux and the crisis of Ukraine

Garth Stevenson’s inaugural column: Russia and Ukraine [Issue 38, 2016]
by Garth Stevenson



The Corbyn insurgency

Eric Shaw on the reasons for Jeremy Corbyn’s victory and the prospects for his leadership [Issue 38, 2016]
by Eric Shaw

15_Policy Exchange flickr

Power on the people

Patrick Webber on Corbyn’s outdated leftism [Issue 38, 2016]
by Patrick Webber



Multiple realities: Haitians in the Dominican Republic

Henry Milner, Rafael Belliard and Jeffrey Oberman: The international outcry has misrepresented the Dominican government’s actions [Issue 38, 2016]
by Henry Milner

Europe Intro -Vladimir_Putin_12018

Europe: Beset by extremes

Henry Milner and Dominic Cardy: Europe and the democratic recession [Issue 37, 2015]
by Henry Milner



The Paris attacks were foreseeable events

Mezri Haddad: Time for a thorough review by those in power [Issue 37, 2015]
by Mezri Haddad


The Jonah syndrome

Kamel Daoud: The Arab intellectual’s Jonah syndrome [Issue 37, 2015]
by Kamel Daoud