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Unrepresented no more

Mike Medeiros and Benjamin Forest propose noncontiguous federal electoral districts as a way of increasing Aboriginal representation in Parliament. [Issue 34, 2013]
by Mike Medeiros


Postmulticultural Ontario, through the eyes of a Quebecer

Bob Chodos reviews Jean-Louis Roy’s book on Ontario, which raises the question of the relationship between the majority and cultural minorities in a different context. [Issue 34, 2013]
by Bob Chodos



The PQ’s toxic values brew

Columnist Reg Whitaker sees the Parti Québécois retreating into a narrow ethnic form of nationalism [Issue 34, 2013]
by Reg Whitaker


Seven reasons to support (something like) the Quebec values charter

Columnist Arthur Milner finds seven reasons why something like the Quebec values charter deserves support – in Canada, not only in Quebec. [Issue 34, 2013]
by Arthur Milner



Enfranchising immigrants

Should noncitizen residents have the right to vote? [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Daniel Munro


Canada’s capital-2: Planning a capital for all Canadians

The capital of a bilingual, multicultural Canadian federation must adapt national symbols, renaming geographic features, support national sports, celebrate culture and promote shared values. [From Inroads 30, 2012]
by David Gordon


banting pic

Are diversity and solidarity incompatible? Canada in comparative context

Canada provides a counternarrative to the US. The progressive agenda of diversity combined with solidarity is feasible, if inevitably fragile. [From Inroads 28, 2011]
by Keith Banting


Tearing down the barriers of exclusivism

When in the name of freedom of religion, courts overrule sound laws and regulations, they collude in stifling freedom of conscience. [From Inroads 28, 2011]
by Pierre Joncas



Migrants as local citizens

François Crépeau looks at a humane approach to irregular migration in this article. [From Inroads 27, 2010]
by François Crépeau


A multifaith conversation about diversity, enlightenment and brownification

At Interfaith Grand River people from different religious traditions on confront questions of religion, identity, culture and society [From Inroads 28, 2011]
by Bob Chodos



Cultural diversity and Quebec’s common public culture

Imposed secularization, state appropriation of public education and multicultural orthodoxy do not augur well for coping with “deep cultural diversity "(Caldwell). [From Inroads 28, 2011]
by Gary Caldwell


Thinking North America

What exactly does it mean to be a North American? Europeans have been engaged in a long-running debate about the meaning and nature of Europe. [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Philip Resnick



Belgium: less than the sum of its parts?

A part from chocolate and beer, one of the major products exported from Belgium over the last two decades has been its constitutional model. [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Johanne Poirier

Boys with toy guns

Scenes of hope and horror

An introduction by Bob Chodos and John Richards on the Africa Section of Issue 23. [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Bob Chodos



From the Melting Pot to Reasonable Accommodation

An introduction by Bob Chodos on the Reasonable Accommodation section of Issue 22 [From Inroads 22, 2008]
by Bob Chodos


When liberalism and pluralism conflict

David Goodhart the editor of the London-based magazine Prospect, recounts his week long trip to Canada. [From Inroads 22, 2008]
by David Goodhart


MM Bouchard_Taylor14_08_07DSC_009 5R

Bouchard-Taylor and nation-building

Lurking behind reasonable accommodation in the commission’s consultation document, Seeking Common Ground, are issues relating to nation-building in Quebec. [From Inroads 22, 2008]
by Alan Cairns


Religion is the elephant in the room

Official public inquiries backed by public hearings and extensive research are a practice of which Canadians, or at least their governments, seem particularly fond. [From Inroads 22, 2008]
by Garth Stevenson