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Issue 37 – Summer / Fall 2015

From the deadly attacks in Paris to the left-wing Syriza party’s election victory in Greece, news from Europe loomed large in the early months of 2015. Inroads 37 takes an in-depth look at these developments . Three critical Arab writers respond to the Paris attacks. Irene Martín analyzes the implications of Syriza’s victory, while Marc Sanjaume examines the rise of its kindred party in Spain, Podemos. Ronald Beiner sketches the ideas and influence of Aleksandr Dugin, an ideologue who seeks to unite enemies of liberalism under Russian leadership. Back in Canada, two articles look ahead to October’s federal election, while another questions the need for an inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women.  

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The Tories’ “big idea”

John Richards: The Conservatives’ “big idea” is a bad idea [Issue 37, 2015]
by John Richards


The Devil and Stephen Harper

Reg Whitaker: The anti-terrorism bill is a monstrosity [Issue 37, 2015]
by Reg Whitaker



Dying later, dying differently, dying when we want

Arthur Milner: When the time comes, I would like to get help dying [Issue 37, 2015]
by Arthur Milner


The false hope of direct democracy

Jason Lacharite: Referendums don’t enhance democracy [Issue 37, 2015]
by Jason Lacharite



Responding to the Paris attacks

Inroads listserv: What is to be done about religious extremism? [Issue 37, 2015]
by Bob Chodos


The strange case of the missing Aboriginal women

Garth Stevenson asks what purpose an inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women would serve [c]
by Garth Stevenson


7_Thomas_Mulcair-Tim Ehlich flickr

Federal election 2015: The leaders, the issues and the unknowns

Dominic Cardy on the issues, the leaders and the campaigns [Issue 37, 2015]
by Dominic Cardy


Electoral reform: Here’s the evidence, Mr. Trudeau

Dennis Pilon on why the alternative vote is not real electoral reform [Issue 37, 2015]
by Dennis Pilon


Europe Intro -Vladimir_Putin_12018

Europe: Beset by extremes

Henry Milner and Dominic Cardy: Europe and the democratic recession [Issue 37, 2015]
by Henry Milner


The Paris attacks were foreseeable events

Mezri Haddad: Time for a thorough review by those in power [Issue 37, 2015]
by Mezri Haddad



The Jonah syndrome

Kamel Daoud: The Arab intellectual’s Jonah syndrome [Issue 37, 2015]
by Kamel Daoud


Two worlds that can never understand each other

Tahar Ben Jelloun: First they attack freedom, then they go after the Jews [Issue 37, 2015]
by Tahar Ben Jelloun



Podemos and Spain’s new political landscape

Marc Sanjaume: Podemos and the fall of Spain’s two-party system [Issue 37, 2015]
by Marc Sanjaume-Calvet


The radical left Syriza in power:
 Will it change Greece – and Europe?

Irene Martín: Greece’s new government and the negotiations with Europe [Issue 37, 2015]
by Irene Martin


14_olive grove_o_Theophilos Papadopoulos Flickr

Pruning the uncared-for olive grove

Chloe Dimitriadis: Many Greeks have left, others are foraging for food [Issue 37, 2015]
by Chloe Dimitriadis


Russia’s ecumenical jihadist

Ronald Beiner: Aleksandr Dugin, Russia’s “ecumenical jihadist” [Issue 37, 2015]
by Ronald Beiner



How Hollywood sold its soul to the comic book fanboy

Jeffrey Oberman laments the decline of Hollywood’s creativity and the rise of the 17-year-old fanboy [Issue 37, 2015]
by Jeffrey Oberman


A robust champion of France’s populist right

Philip Resnick on the latest chronicler of France’s decline [Issue 37, 2015]
by Philip Resnick