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Issue 33 – Summer / Fall 2013

Inroads_33_cover Quebec’s Charbonneau Commission has cast a cold light on corruption in municipal politics, especially in Montreal. Inroads 33 takes a look at the commission’s revelations, with five informed observers examining their significance:

Is Quebec more corrupt than other places?
Is former Montreal mayor Gérald Tremblay a villain or a victim?

This issue also tackles other thorny questions:

Can universal government-financed health care be sustained in light of an aging population; and what lessons can we learn from Sweden?

What did the Supreme Court of Canada mean by saying “maybe” to a Muslim woman who wants to wear her niqab in the witness box?
How was the Harmonized Sales Tax a “learning experience” for British Columbia’s democracy?

And is Bangladesh really experiencing a “Bengal Spring”?

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The perils of Gérard Bouchard’s interculturalism

A book review on Gérard Bouchard's, L’Interculturalisme: Un point de vie québécois. Montreal: Boréal, 2012. 286 pages. [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Pierre Joncas


The eternal colony

Bangladesh’s leaders have still not understood the meaning of independence. [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Owen Lippert



Veils of ignorance

How the Supreme Court of Canada came to render Muslim women outlaws (sometimes) – and what it should have done instead [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Gareth Morley


A learning experience for B.C.’s democracy

Another response to John Richards article from Inroads 32 “Tax policy by referendum” [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Tom Syer



The militantly rational voters of B.C.

A response to John Richards' piece “Tax policy by referendum,” Inroads, Winter/Spring 2013" [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Doug McArthur


British Columbia’s tax referendum

An introduction to BC's HST Referendum section of Inroads 33 written by Bob Chodos [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Bob Chodos



British Columbia’s tax referendum

An introduction to BC's HST Referendum section of Inroads 33 written by Bob Chodos [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Bob Chodos


Gérald Tremblay and the tragedy of public life in Montreal

There is something Shakespearean about the political and personal consequences of the revelations of the Charbonneau Commission. [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Henry Milner


Photo: Former Laval mayor Gilles Valliancourt, Wikimedia Commons

The biggest corruption scandal in living memory

Irwin Block writes about the Montreal scandal. [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Irwin Block


Montreal: Autonomous entity or creature of Quebec?

Does a lack of autonomy make municipalities more vulnerable to corrupt practices? [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Eric Hamovitch



The stench of corruption

Is Montreal different, and if so, why? [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Brian Tanguay


Montreal is not alone

Montreal is not unique. A look at corruption in other cities. [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Robert K. Whelan



“Everything is rigged”

An introduction by Bob Chodos on the 'Corruption in Montreal' section of Inroads 33. [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Bob Chodos


Medicare in the crosshairs

A look at Jeffrey Simpson's latest book on the state of health care in Canada. [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Greg Marchildon



The Obamacare ruling and beyond

Is the U.S. Supreme Court a bastion of Republican extremism? [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Jon Gottschall


Sweden’s pension system: Still a social model?

The Swedish pension reform and its aftermath. Is it still a social model? [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Patrik Marier


Road cross

Sweden’s health care future

The future financial sustainability of the welfare state in general and health care in particular is crucial to Swedish society. [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Stefan Ackerby


Saving medicare for the next generation

A look at some of the politically controversial reforms that will probably be necessary to “save medicare.” [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by John Richards