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Issue 27 – Summer / Fall 2010

Inroads 27 looks inside a number of developments, from northwestern British Columbia to Sweden to Turkey and back to Canada’s inner cities, through the eyes of people who have helped make these developments happen. Gordon Gibson, an adviser to the Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs in northwestern B.C., explains the Chiefs’ groundbreaking proposal that would make their nation fully Canadian and still proudly Gitxsan, but no longer “Indian.” Inroads co-publisher John Richards, who helped design the Urban Aboriginal Peoples Study as a member of its advisory circle, offers an introduction to the study’s portrait of the 50 per cent of Canadian Aboriginals who live in cities. Two other articles look at the transformation of the Swedish city of Malmö and Turkey’s complex and delicate dance with Europe.




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New Labour: A retrospective

Taking a look at Tony Blair's New Labour legacy...a retrospective look at the successes and failures by Dominic Cardy [From Inroads 27, 2010]
by Dominic Cardy


Mixed signals

André Juneau writes about Turkey, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Union [From Inroads 27, 2010]
by André Juneau



Well-kept secret

Cuba’s medical role in Haiti has been extremely important for a number of years there. Emily J.Kirk and John M. Kirk take you through its impact. [From Inroads 27, 2010]
by John Kirk


Two deaths, two mournings

In Quebec, two deaths and two mournings marked the year 2009: Nelly Arcan’s and Pierre Falardeau’s. Malcolm Reid looks at two different cultural stars' lives and contributions. [From Inroads 27, 2010]
by Malcolm Reid


Figure 1

A study that makes urban Aboriginals visible

Environics Institute released an ambitious study of urban Aboriginals across Canada. John Richards discusses the study. [From Inroads 27, 2010]
by John Richards


Blame Canada! Blame Quebec!

Similar diagnoses and different prescriptions for Canada’s Quebec problem. Brian Tanguay reviews recent books by Jacques Parizeauain and Brian Lee Crowley. [From Inroads 27, 2010]
by Brian Tanguay



Impolite topics, unpredictable critics

Henry Milner reviews recent books by Pierre Joncas and Joseph Facal. The authors underscore two related characteristics that make Quebec distinct. [From Inroads 27, 2010]
by Henry Milner


In defence of religion

A response to Arthur Milner's article “The Offence of Atheism,” Inroads, Winter/Spring 2010, pp. 10–13 [From Inroads 27, 2010]
by Bob Chodos



Continuing the debate on Quebec’s economy

An introduction by John Richards of continuing the debate on Quebec’s economy [From Inroads 27, 2010]
by John Richards


Productivity and the economic priesthood

The latest from the Inroads listserv, Issue 27 - Summer / Fall 2010 selected and edited by Bob Chodos [From Inroads 27, 2010]
by Bob Chodos



Ten policies in search of a leader & Rescuing God by killing Him

Arthur Milner weighs in with ten policies for a Canadian leader and responds to the responses of his article “The Offence of Atheism.” [From Inroads 27, 2010]
by Arthur Milner


The stealth route to conservative hegemony

Political scientist Reg Whitaker writes about the pattern of the Harper government of advancing conservatism by stealth, rather than by open policy... [From Inroads 27, 2010]
by Reg Whitaker



A Canadian problem, not a Quebec one

A response to François Vaillancourt and Mathieu Laberge by Pierre Fortin on Quebec's Economy [From Inroads 27, 2010]
by Pierre Fortin


The government is doing something

Craig Jones looks into if there is substance to the Conservatives’ tough-on-crime agenda, or whether it's just optics? [From Inroads 27, 2010]
by Craig Jones



The Gitxsan Alternative

Gordon Gibson writes about the Gitxsan Alternative, a new approach to Aboriginal treaty making in British Columbia, with implications for the rest of Canada as well. [From Inroads 27, 2010]
by Gordon Gibson


Migrants as local citizens

François Crépeau looks at a humane approach to irregular migration in this article. [From Inroads 27, 2010]
by François Crépeau



Needed: A foundation for common action

A response to Arthur Milner's article “The Offence of Atheism,” [From Inroads 27, 2010]
by Gregory Baum