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Issue 25 – Summer / Fall 2009

Inroads 25’s main theme section is devoted to education, taking its cue from a landmark September 2008 article in a Montreal newspaper by former Quebec premier Jacques Parizeau that drew attention to the school dropout problem, especially among francophone students. Along with a translation of Parizeau’s article, the section includes an analysis of the school dropout problem on a Canada-wide scale by John Richards, an account of the failure of Ontario’s compulsory civic education program by Henry Milner, a discussion of educational issues by Parizeau’s former adviser (and future PQ cabinet minister) Jean-François Lisée, a critique of Quebec’s history curriculum by Christian Rioux and Magali Favre, and a look at Finland’s successful education system by Luc Allaire.




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Human resources

This article is an edited excerpt from Jean-François Lisée's book Pour une 
gauche efficace (Montreal: Boréal, 2008). 
It was translated by Bob Chodos. [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by Jean-Francois Lisee

2809961438_56d48f9969_b Max Klingensmith

School dropouts

School dropouts is not just a Quebec issue, but rather a Canadian one. [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by John Richards



This is history?

Quebec’s new high school history textbooks 
are inward-looking and devoid of meaning. [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by Christian Rioux

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Civics, Ontario style

Why did Ontario’s civic education program fail to reduce the democratic deficit? Henry Milner takes a look. [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by Henry Milner



Recipe for success?

An earlier version of this article appeared in the winter 2009 edition of the magazine, Nouvelles CSQ. It was translated from the French by Frances Boylston. [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by Luc Allaire


Confidence game

Playing fast and loose with parliamentary conventions has weakened responsible government [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by Gary Levy



Education: Who and what?

Bob Chodos introduces the following articles on education in Issue 25 [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by Bob Chodos


Lies my Fathers of Confederation told me

Are the governor general’s reserve powers a safeguard of democracy? [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by Bruce Hicks



Green the Liberals: Yes you can

Why the Liberals should maintain their commitment to environmental innovation despite the party’s October rout. [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by Nancy Olewiler


Ignatieff’s main challenge
is in the west

Ignatieff has distanced himself from the coalition. As he should, argues Janice MacKinnon. [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by Janice MacKinnon



Urban Aboriginals

Peter Dinsdale on the disappointment at the failure of Michael Ignatieff to grapple with the complexities of urban Aboriginal reality. [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by Peter Dinsdale


And now, the aftermath

Canadian politics after the election, the near-coalition and the change in Liberal leadership. [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by Henry Milner




Why are Canadian and other soldiers dying to support a government that denies women the freedom to control their own bodies? [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by Dominic Cardy



Shortly after 9/11, George W. Bush declared, in apocalyptic tones, a “Global War on Terror” (GWOT). The term prevailed until Barack Obama took office. [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by Reg Whitaker



The high cost of 
something for nothing

There’s a certain recklessness in this stick-it-to-the-man-and-the-big-corporations attitude. Why pay when you can get stuff free? [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by Daphne Bramham


Fixing Vancouver’s 
Downtown Eastside

Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside has been a famous hellhole for years. How can it be fixed? Arthur Milner has some ideas. [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by Arthur Milner




A look at Finland's success story written by Jan Otto Andersson. [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by Jan Otto Andersson

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Battle on the Plains 
of Abraham cancelled

In the end, the reenactment of the battle on the Plains had to be cancelled to prevent another battle. [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by Louisa Blair