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Issue 24 – Winter / Spring 2009

Elections took place in both Canada and the United States in the fall of 2008, and Inroads 24 takes a close look at both elections. The Canadian section focuses primarily on the issue that should have been, but never quite was, the centrepiece of the campaign: the carbon tax. John Richards makes the economic case for the tax, while Marvin Shaffer explains why he believes a cap-and-trade system is preferable. Looking at the United States, Garth Stevenson, a longtime Canadian observer of things American, reflects affectionately but not uncritically on “the folks next door,” while Bob Chodos and Gregory Baum focus on the role of religion in the campaign.




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A new order of things

John Richards makes the case for pricing carbon. [From Inroads 24, 2009]
by John Richards


What did the polls tell us?

Claire Durand takes a look at the polls to break down the 2008 Canadian Election [From Inroads 24, 2009]
by Claire Durand



Ask a silly question,
 get a silly answer

Reg Whitaker takes a look at the elections that took place this fall in Canada and our neighbours to the south in the U.S.A. [From Inroads 24, 2009]
by Reg Whitaker


A new green China?

An introduction by Henry Milner on Issue 24's section on China [From Inroads 24, 2009]
by Henry Milner



A missed opportunity?

Henry Milner writes about Ideas and the U.S. presidential election of 2008 as an introduction to the U.S. Election section of Issue 24 [From Inroads 24, 2009]
by Henry Milner


Canada’s inconclusive – but significant – election

An introduction by Bob Chodos on the Canadian Election section of Issue 24 - Winter / Spring 2009 [From Inroads 24, 2009]
by Bob Chodos



Monitoring the campaigns

The Inroads listserv, Issue 24 - Winter / Spring 2009 selected and edited by Bob Chodos [From Inroads 24, 2009]
by Bob Chodos

mtl-artsprotest-cp2-0827 higher res adj

Artists of the world, unite!

The Conservatives war against the arts shifted a potential majority for Harper. [From Inroads 24, 2009]
by Arthur Milner



Buying trust with trillions

Regulation and confused incentives shatter the trust that ought to govern the parcelling out of mortgage market risk [From Inroads 24, 2009]
by Finn Poschmann


Politicians in robes

Gareth Morley reviews 'The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court' by Jeffrey Toobin and Richard Posners's 'How Judges Think' [From Inroads 24, 2009]
by Gareth Morley



Technology and environmental sensitivity

A visit to Zhejiang Wanli, a new university built by private investors on public land [From Inroads 24, 2009]
by Jon Gottschall

Himalayas, looking south from over the Tibetan Plateau

China’s growing orbit

Cambodia and Nepal are harbingers of Beijing’s emerging influence [From Inroads 24, 2009]
by Dominic Cardy



Quebec’s surprising economic performance

The myth of a lagging Quebec doesn’t stand up to the facts. [From Inroads 24, 2009]
by Pierre Fortin


Evangelicals in Canada

Canada has no equivalent of the American Christian Right. In the first place, Canada is a much more secularized society than the United States. [From Inroads 24, 2009]
by Gregory Baum



The evolving landscape 
of American Christianity

Gregory Baum looks into the evolving landscape 
of American Christianity [From Inroads 24, 2009]
by Gregory Baum


The religious test

Elections and politics and religions and theological grounds. Bob Chodos writes about the religious test in the U.S. [From Inroads 24, 2009]
by Bob Chodos



Voting from abroad

Since 1976, people holding American citizenship, even if they have never resided in the US States, have had the right to cast ballots. [From Inroads 24, 2009]
by Frances Boylston


The right to vote

Is the right to vote universal or qualified? Claude Couture takes a look. [From Inroads 24, 2009]
by Claude Couture