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Issue 23 – Summer / Fall 2008

Inroads 23 contains several reports from Africa. Robert Cohen describes South Africa 15 years after the end of apartheid as “a work in progress.” Dave Klassen and Rick Gamble bring readers inside the devastating and underreported war in northern Uganda, and remarkable efforts at reconciliation taking place there. Don Cayo visits sites of genocide in Rwanda, as well as in Cambodia and at Auschwitz, and asks what meaning can be drawn from these sites. Also in this issue, Linda Cardinal and Charles Castonguay explore the implications of the 2006 census for language policy, while Johanne Poirier offers a cautionary tale of divisions based on language from Belgium.




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Regina 1944: The CCF achieved its first major electoral breakthrough

Diverging paths?

In 2007, New Democratic Party governments in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan faced their electorates, and the two elections produced different outcomes. [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Christopher Adams


Dr. Dion, or How I learned to stop worrying 
and love Minority Government

Minority governments have become standard fare, the result of an important change in Canada’s political makeup that has not received the attention it deserves. [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Henry Milner



Stephen Harper, Canadian

Though Stephen Harper is often portrayed as a radically conservative ideologue, his policies have been less dogmatic than most observers expected.[From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Neal Carter


Enfranchising immigrants

Should noncitizen residents have the right to vote? [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Daniel Munro


Mucwini gathering

Northern Uganda

Compiled by Bob Chodos, from reporting by Dave Klassen 
and Rick Gamble. Photographs by Dave Klassen [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Dave Klassen


A work in progress

It is almost 15 years since the African National Congress took power in South Africa – a good time to look back and assess accomplishments and prospects. [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Robert Cohen



Thinking North America

What exactly does it mean to be a North American? Europeans have been engaged in a long-running debate about the meaning and nature of Europe. [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Philip Resnick


Belgium: less than the sum of its parts?

A part from chocolate and beer, one of the major products exported from Belgium over the last two decades has been its constitutional model. [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Johanne Poirier



Francophone immigration 
beyond the Bilingual Belt

As a journalist, Graham Fraser could be critical of Canada’s language policy, but he did find a bright spot: attracting francophone immigrants to bolster the francophone minorities outside Quebec. [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Charles Castonguay


Linguistic peace: a time to take stock

Statistics Canada’s release of 2006 census data on language brought forth a number of reactions, particularly in Quebec. [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Linda Cardinal



The de Tocqueville of Saskatchewan

An appreciation of political sociologist Seymour Martin Lipset. [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by John Richards

Boys with toy guns

Scenes of hope and horror

An introduction by Bob Chodos and John Richards on the Africa Section of Issue 23. [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Bob Chodos



Language: how well are we doing?

An introduction by John Richards on the Language section of Issue 23 [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by John Richards

Green field - Landscape

The Prairie NDP’s uncertain future

John Richards introduces several articles on political change in the Prairies. [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by John Richards



Politically correct and lovin’ it

Western democracy has embraced the idea that equality for everyone, especially marginalized groups and minorities, is key to democracy [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Willa Marcus


Polygamy, impunity and human rights

A column by Daphne Bramham based on her book: 
The Secret Lives of Saints: 
Child Brides and Lost Boys in Canada’s Polygamous Mormon Sect. [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Daphne Bramham



The return of God 
– and what to do about it

Who would have thought that the new millennium would begin with jihads, holy wars, fatwas, inquisitions and slaughter of the innocents in the name of God? [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Reg Whitaker


Trust on a street corner, 
approaching midnight

What is remarkable about successful societies is that non-naive residents expect transactions involving strangers and casual acquaintances to be, in the main, happily resolved. [From Inroads 23, 2008]
by Finn Poschmann