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Issue 21 – Summer / Fall 2007


A matter of civility

Bob Chodos reflects upon Victor Navasky's thoughts on a “journal of opinion” [Issue 21: 2007]
by Bob Chodos


Canada’s earnest journal of opinion

John Richards looks back at the first 20 Issues. [Issue 21: 2007]
by John Richards



Holding up a mirror to Canada

Henry Milner takes a look back at the first 15 years of Inroads. [Issue 21: 2007)
by Henry Milner


Multiculturalism: As Canadian as apple pie

It is incorrect to state that Canada lacks a melting pot tradition. It arose as a similar tradition was explicitly formulated in the U.S.[First published in 1995.]
by Garth Stevenson



The rise and fall of Clara Brett Martin

Who was Clara Brett Martin and why would anyone want to put her name on a building, let alone tear it off? [First published in 1995.]
by Robert Martin


An interview with Lee Kuan Yew

Lee Kuan Yew stepped down as Singapore Prime Minister in 1990, but still wields enormous influence in the Cabinet Room where the interview took place ... [First published in 1993.]
by Frank Koller