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Issue 16 Articles

There is much in this issue about The Middle East with articles, book reviews editorials and columns, even a pictorial on the use of Arabic in Israel. Articles look at Christian Zionism, Arab-Jewish dialogue groups in Canada, the rules of debate over Zionism, and Europe’s position on the conflict. There are reviews of eight key books on the subject of this interminable and tragic conflict. Closer to home, other articles look at electoral reform, youth politics, demergers in Montreal and mourn Claude Ryan and Eric Kierans




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Ending the war of 1948

Review of Charles Enderlin's Shattered Dreams: 
The Failure of the Peace Process in the Middle East, 1995–2002, Itamar Rabinovich's Waging Peace: Israel and the Arabs 1948–2003 and Tanya Reinhart's Israel/Palestine: How t...
by Arthur Milner


Are you going to 
Old Orchard again this year?

Quebec’s New England outpost [Inroads 16, 2005]
by Donald Cuccioletta



Montreal demergers

An update on June 20 demerger referendums in Quebec municipalities. [Inroads 16, 2005]
by Henry Milner


Kierans and Ryan

Claude Ryan and Eric Kierans, Politicians without pigeonholes [Inroads 16, 2005]
by Bob Chodos



Électeurs en herbe: Building citizenship step by step

A Quebec approach to civic education [Inroads 16, 2005]
by Akos Verboczy


Now is it time for proportional representation?

Finn Poschmann and Henry Milner debate the pros and cons of change [Inroads 16, 2005]
by Finn Poschmann



What was it all about?

West coast reflections on the 2004 federal election: An exchange between Gordon Gibson and Doug McArthur [Inroads 16, 2005]
by Henry Milner


The PD factor

Christian fundamentalists and U.S. policy in the Middle East [Inroads 16, 2005]
by Bob Chodos



The debate on Canadian campuses

Bringing back democracy and the spirit of scholarship [Inroads 16, 2005]
by Howard Stein


Why is there no 
Israeli-Palestinian peace?

Israel/Palestine has been hotly contested by two national movements. [Inroads 16, 2005]
by Simon Rosenblum



Two Canadian-Palestinian views

Inroads conversation with Nada Sefian and Leila Mouammar [Inroads 16, 2005]
by Arthur Milner


Arabic in Israel

A pictorial [Inroads 16, 2005]
by Arthur Milner