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Issue 40 Editorials and Rejoinders

For most of this century, the question of Western intervention in the Middle East has been at the top of the international agenda. In Inroads 40, Dominic Cardy makes the case for intervention in Syria, while contributors to the Inroads listserv present arguments on both sides of this question. Through the lens of three books that come to different conclusions, Paul Delany looks at the war in Iraq. Also in this issue, Chris Green finds climate change thinking long on hope but short on real policies; Patrik Öhberg and Elin Naurin report on Sweden’s about-face on refugees; Patrick Webber calls for unity in the political centre to resist extremes of right and left; and Philip Resnick, in poetry, evokes the current malaise in Europe and the United States.

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Political parties on a crossroads sign featuring Democrat and Republican

The meaning of left and right

An introduction by Henry Milner on Issue 40's Political Alignments section. [Issue 40, 2017]
by Henry Milner


Immigration: A tale of two countries revisited

An introduction to Issue 40's Immigration section by Henry Milner [Issue 40, 2017]
by Henry Milner



Can military intervention reduce casualties – or is it a fool’s errand?

Inroads listserv: Can the West reduce Syria’s mounting death toll, or is it a fool’s errand? [Issue 40, 2017]
by Bob Chodos