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Issue 36 Articles


Land and schools

The editors introduce the ABORIGINAL CANADA: LAND AND SCHOOLS section of this issue [Issue 36, 2015]
by The editors

5_Thompson Rivers University flickr

The Tsilhqot’in decision and the future of British Columbia

Ken Coates and Gordon Gibson debate the economic impact of the Supreme Court’s Tsilhqot’in decision [Issue 36, 2015]
by Gordon Gibson



Fixing Aboriginal education

John Richards asks what now for First Nations education after Shawn Atleo’s resignation [Issue 36, 2015]
by John Richards


As Ontario goes …

An introduction by Bob Chodos to the ONTARIO AND BEYOND section [Issue 36, 2015]
by Bob Chodos



Ontario, Quebec and the 2015 federal election

Paul Barber : Looking ahead to the federal election [Issue 36, 2015]
by Paul Barber


Orange wave to orange crushed?

Nelson Wiseman : The tribulations of the NDP [Issue 36, 2015]
by Nelson Wiseman



The two-track city

Zack Taylor : Why Ford Nation has survived Rob Ford [Issue 36, 2015]
by Zack Taylor


A tale of two votes

Henry Milner tells a tale of two votes, in Sweden and Scotland [Issue 36, 2015]
by Henry Milner


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The four predicaments of Ed Miliband

Eric Shaw explains why Labour is nervous as the British election approaches [Issue 36, 2015]
by Eric Shaw


Catalonia’s ambiguous vote

Eric Guntermann dissects Catalonia’s ambiguous vote [Issue 36, 2015]
by Eric Guntermann



Theocracy in our time

Ronald Beiner: Religion becomes a problem when it has political ambitions [Issue 36, 2015]
by Ronald Beiner


Malaria’s stubborn persistence

Don Cayo looks at the global effort to control two very different diseases [Issue 36, 2015]
by Don Cayo