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Issue 34 Book Reviews


Is the purpose of immigration to benefit the economy of the receiving country or to provide a better life for immigrants themselves? A pair of articles in Inroads 34 examine this question in the context of Canada, where economic considerations prevail, and Sweden, where the well-being of immigrants is the primary concern. This issue also contains lively debate and trenchant analysis on a number of other timely topics: how to fix Canada’s Senate, the Quebec values charter, policy approaches to poverty and inequality, and the world’s response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

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W(h)ither feminism?

Susan Altschul reviews two recent books promoting the advancement of women in the business world as an occasion to reflect on 50 years of women’s attempts to “have it all.” [Issue 34, 2013]
by Susan Altschul


Postmulticultural Ontario, through the eyes of a Quebecer

Bob Chodos reviews Jean-Louis Roy’s book on Ontario, which raises the question of the relationship between the majority and cultural minorities in a different context. [Issue 34, 2013]
by Bob Chodos



It’s not just income inequality that counts

Henry Milner finds that Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett are on the right track in drawing a correlation between greater equality and favourable social outcomes, but they miss the policy choices [Issue 34, 2013]
by Henry Milner