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Issue 32 Editorials and Rejoinders

The Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, Quebec’s student movement and British Columbia’s referendum on sales taxes, among other events, have led to an explosion of ideas and arguments about democracy. Inroads 32 brings some of these ideas and arguments together. Henry Milner expresses concern that “social media politics,” as exemplified by the Quebec student movement, may be incompatible with representative democracy, while Judy Rebick argues that the innovations created by the Quebec students and Occupy Wall Street are deepening and broadening democracy. Irene Martín Cortés takes us inside a protest movement that has become a model for others throughout the Western world, Spain’s 15M. And John Richards warns of the dangers of determining tax policy by referendum.



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northern pipeline map

The Northern Gateway to nowhere

Every few decades an issue arises that unexpectedly becomes a defining moment for the country. Such issues can creep up and catch decision-makers unawares. Reg Whitaker looks at the issue of the Northern Gateway. [From Inroads ...
by Reg Whitaker

war 1812 flickr toronto public library special collections

A war for hemp, iron and timber

A response to John R. Grodzinski’s “Remembering the War of 1812” from Issue 31 by Alastair Sweeny, author of Fire Along the Frontier: Great Battles of the War of 1812 [From Inroads 32, 2013]
by Alastair Sweeny


Netanyahu flickr- Lance Page _ t r u t h o u t; Adapted- Pete Souza

How did Netanyahu come to believe he runs the world?

Arthur Milner writes about Netanyahu and his free rein to do whatever he pleases. [From Inroads 32, 2013]
by Arthur Milner

Manif_22_juin_Québec_Gabriel_Nadeau-Dubois(1) Antoine Letarte wikimedia commons

A generation that is deepening democracy

Judy Rebick believes the new generation rising up under the banners of the Quebec student strike and Occupy Wall Street are creating innovations that will profoundly deepen and broaden democracy. [From Inroads 32, 2013]
by Judy Rebick