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Issue 31 Articles


School board democracy

In the Poitou-Charentes region in west-central France, a participatory budget process for high schools has existed since 2005, resulting in greater transparency and the dissemination of more information about school boards. [Fr...
by Laurence Bherer

Coalition Avenir Quebec co-founder Francois Legault speaks during a news conference at the Palais Montcalm in Quebec City

Coalition Avenir Québec

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to a CAQ breakthrough is that it seeks what amounts to a dose of fiscal realism to voters little willing to wean themselves from the magical thinking proffered by the mainstream parties. [From Inroa...
by Brian Tanguay



Haven for the rich,
hell for the rest of us

Tax havens have become sanctuaries for an array of multinational firms and their subsidiaries or corporate parents. [From Inroads 31, 2012]
by Brigitte Alepin


The Senate reform bill:
A constitutional danger for Canada

The proposed Senate reform is ill-conceived. It will result in a harmful burdening of our federal decision-making process.
by Stéphane Dion


mohawk girls

Dysfunctional governance: Eleven barriers to progress among Canada’s First Nations

The First Nation governance system produces a degree of dysfunction in governance that is unmatched in any other jurisdiction in Canada. [From Inroads 31, 2012]
by John Graham


A decade of Nisga’a
 self-government: A positive impact, but no silver bullet

Under the Nisga’a treaty a First Nation obtained some degree of self-government. I was lead researcher in a major study of the this experiment. [From Inroads 31, 2012]
by Joseph Quesnel



Quebec’s distinct welfare state

During the period in which its major and distinctive antipoverty programs were implemented, Quebec appears to have succeeded in virtually eradicating acute poverty for both single- and two-parent families. [From Inroads 31, 2012]
by Axel Van den berg