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Issue 30 Editorial and rejoinders

The May 2011 federal election was a political watershed. In Inroads 30, some of Canada’s most knowledgeable observers reflect on what changed in Canadian politics as a result of the election. Reg Whitaker concludes that there is a centre-left majority in Canada that requires cooperation between the Liberals and the NDP for effective political expression. Garth Stevenson argues that the NDP’s imperative is not to cooperate with the Liberals but to displace them permanently as a viable alternative to the governing Conservatives. Dominic Cardy looks to the way Tony Blair transformed the British Labour Party for a model of how the NDP needs to change. Focusing on the Conservatives, Tom Flanagan suggests that Quebec will no longer drive the federal political agenda.




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Without policies and programs, a movement is meaningless

By exalting campaigns that appear game-changing, Roberta Lexier contributes to the myth that public protests and campaigns decide political outcomes, not hard work toward a common goal. [From Inroads 30, 2012]
by Dominic Cardy


Quebec’s Quiet Revolution came at a heavy cost

In the immediate postwar period, Quebec enjoyed substantial advantages. It exploited them to meet short-term objectives as laid out by Fortin. The consequence was the dilapidation of human, social, cultural and economic capital...
by Gary Caldwell