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Issue 26 Columns

Two major sections in Inroads 26 represent two sides of Inroads’ mandate. A section on economic inequality, featuring articles by Pierre Fortin on how Quebec has created a more egalitarian society and by John Myles on the relationship between growing inequality and changes in family structure, is thoroughly grounded in analysis of hard data. However, questions touching on the accommodation of cultural differences are less subject to this sort of analysis, and the second section, a debate on Quebec’s controversial Ethics and Religious Culture course, focuses more on philosophical issues. Gary Caldwell, a leading critic of the ERC course, and Georges Leroux, one of the thinkers whose ideas helped shape the course, square off.




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Listening to Obama – or not

Inroads columnist Reg Whitaker writes about Obama's message and whether it is truly heard or drowned out by partisan rhetoric. [From Inroads 26, 2010]
by Reg Whitaker


The hubris of the public intellectual

Economists have not had a good war. In the battle over how to understand and respond to the recent financial crisis and recession, few have emerged covered in glory and medals. [From Inroads 26, 2010]
by Finn Poschmann



The offence of atheism

The question of God, atheism, fundamentalism, faith and religion is tackled by Arthur Milner in his column. [From Inroads 26, 2010]
by Arthur Milner