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Issue 21 Editorials and Rejoinders

Marking Inroads’ 15th anniversary, Inroads 21 is a special retrospective issue featuring the best of the first 20 issues. Here we present articles from early issues not available elsewhere on this site. Articles cover Canadian politics and policies, courts and the constitution, Quebec and the language question, Aboriginal and environmental issues, culture and ideas, and Canada and the world. Inroads co-publisher Henry Milner offers a reflective account of Inroads’ 15-year history, while John Richards and Bob Chodos highlight two of the journal’s qualities: earnestness and civility. Harvey Schachter recounts what he has learned as moderator of the Inroads listserv.




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A matter of civility

Bob Chodos reflects upon Victor Navasky's thoughts on a “journal of opinion” [Issue 21: 2007]
by Bob Chodos


Canada’s earnest journal of opinion

John Richards looks back at the first 20 Issues. [Issue 21: 2007]
by John Richards



Holding up a mirror to Canada

Henry Milner takes a look back at the first 15 years of Inroads. [Issue 21: 2007)
by Henry Milner