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Issue 19 Book Reviews

Inroads 19 takes us back to Pour un Québec lucide, the work of 12 prominent Quebeckers. It gave rise to a profound public debate: opposition centered on a counter-manifesto Pour un Québec solidaire signed by 35 left wing intellectuals and activists, a shortened version of which is found in the issue. In addition, we hear from two prominent authors of Pour un Québec lucide. André Pratte is editor of La Presse and a leading federalist spokesman in Quebec, while Joseph Facal is a former PQ cabinet member under Bernard Landry and Lucien Bouchard. Pratte gives us insight into how the group was formed, and how it reconciled the different concerns of its members.




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Bullets fired through time on the Australian frontier

A book review of Deborah Bird Rose's Reports from A Wild Country: 
Ethics for Decolonisation. [Issue 19, 2006]
by Stephen Muecke


A believable messenger for another brand of federalism

A book review on Claude Castonguay's Mémoires d’un révolutionnaire tranquille. [Issue 19, 2006]
by Gérald Leblanc



Sounding the climate change alarm

A book review on Tim Flannerys The Weather Makers: The History and Future Impact of Climate Change [Issue 19, 2006]
by Jan Narveson


The use and misuse of autobiography

Book review of: Philip Roth, The Plot against America & Bob Dylan Chronicles: Volume One. [Issue 19, 2006]
by Henry Milner



The world according to Stuart

A review of: Stuart: A Life Backwards & Life at the Bottom: The Worldview that Makes the Underclass [Issue 19, 2006]
by Paul Delany