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Issue 17 Book Reviews

This issue is about questions that will face our elected representatives no matter what the configuration of the next Parliament. First the environment. Jan Otto Andersson finds that the concept of “ecological footprint,” casts new light on the impact of international trade. François Bregha urges making greater use of economic instruments in promoting environmental protection. Next, on the ongoing question of the effectiveness of aid to the developing world, Owen Lippert, writing from Bangladesh, and Dominic Cardy Cambodia see corruption and related deficiencies as serious obstacles to development. There is also a debate about “asymmetrical federalism,” with Liberal Senator Serge Joyal against and Quebec Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Benoît Pelletier in favour.




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Flawed arguments of a provocative polymath

A review of Jared Diamond's Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail 
or Succeed. [Inroads 17, 2005]
by Gareth Morley


Where have all the rabbis gone?

A review of Yakov M. Rabkin's Au nom de la Torah: une histoire de l’opposition juive au sionisme. [Inroads 17, 2005]
by Michael Benazon