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Issue 16 Book Reviews

There is much in this issue about The Middle East with articles, book reviews editorials and columns, even a pictorial on the use of Arabic in Israel. Articles look at Christian Zionism, Arab-Jewish dialogue groups in Canada, the rules of debate over Zionism, and Europe’s position on the conflict. There are reviews of eight key books on the subject of this interminable and tragic conflict. Closer to home, other articles look at electoral reform, youth politics, demergers in Montreal and mourn Claude Ryan and Eric Kierans




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Looking across the Mediterranean

Review of Gilles Kepel's The War for Muslim Minds: Islam and the West and Walter Russell Mead's Power, Terror, Peace, and War: 
America’s Grand Strategy in a World at Risk. [Inroads 16, 2005]
by John Richards


A diehard Keynesian 
view of the world

A review of Timothy Lewis' In the Long Run We’re All Dead: 
The Canadian Turn to Fiscal Restraint. [Inroads 16, 2005]
by Shahrokh Shahabi-Azad



America’s impatient imperialism

A review of Michael Ignatieff's Empire Lite: Nation-Building in Bosnia, Kosovo, 
and Afghanistan. [Inroads 16, 2005]
by John Matthew Barlow


Avatar of anarchy, 
guarantor of order

Review of Baruch Kimmerling's, Politicide: 
Ariel Sharon’s War against the Palestinians. [Inroads 16, 2005]
by Reg Whitaker



From New Left history 
to ethnic Darwinism

Review of Benny Morris' The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee 
Problem, 1947–1949, and Righteous Victims: A History of the 
Zionist-Arab Conflict, 1881–1999 [Inroads 16, 2005]
by Gareth Morley