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Issue 28 Articles

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Are diversity and solidarity incompatible? Canada in comparative context

Canada provides a counternarrative to the US. The progressive agenda of diversity combined with solidarity is feasible, if inevitably fragile. [From Inroads 28, 2011]
by Keith Banting


Is there a future for the NDP in New Brunswick?

By pushing to the centre without engaging in the dialogue, the party alienated many activists, union members and other traditional supporters. [From Inroads 28, 2011]
by Nicole O'byrne


red tory

Red Tories: Best hope for a green restoration?

As long as liberals focus on “rights,” socialists on “equality” and Blue Tories on “the pursuit of happiness,” there will be ample room for Red Tories, who see natural limits to progress, freedom and greed. [From In...
by Kevin Little


Are Quebec’s $7-a-day public daycare centres in danger?

The Liberal government has strongly encouraged the development of for-profit daycare centres. Financing per child has increased almost twice as fast as in public daycare. [From Inroads 28, 2011]
by Luc Allaire



Something blue: Conservative organization in an era of permanent campaign

An insider confirms the high level of message discipline and of secrecy surrounding internal deliberations: an almost military atmosphere that befits an era of permanent campaign. [From Inroads 28, 2011]
by Tom Flanagan

bilingual blackboard

English versus French: A comparison of vitality in Quebec and Ontario yields surprising results

Is Camille Laurin’s dream that Quebec should be as French as Ontario is English turning into a nightmare? [From Inroads 28, 2011]
by Charles Castonguay



A multifaith conversation about diversity, enlightenment and brownification

At Interfaith Grand River people from different religious traditions on confront questions of religion, identity, culture and society [From Inroads 28, 2011]
by Bob Chodos


Cultural diversity and Quebec’s common public culture

Imposed secularization, state appropriation of public education and multicultural orthodoxy do not augur well for coping with “deep cultural diversity "(Caldwell). [From Inroads 28, 2011]
by Gary Caldwell