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A tale of two votes

Henry Milner tells a tale of two votes, in Sweden and Scotland [Issue 36, 2015]
by Henry Milner


Catalonia’s ambiguous vote

Eric Guntermann dissects Catalonia’s ambiguous vote [Issue 36, 2015]
by Eric Guntermann



Jacques Parizeau’s house of cards

Stéphane Dion reviews Chantal Hébert and Jean Lapierre’s The Morning After [Issue 36, 2015]
by Stéphane Dion


The Senate reform bill:
A constitutional danger for Canada

The proposed Senate reform is ill-conceived. It will result in a harmful burdening of our federal decision-making process.
by Stéphane Dion


Figure 1 Confed Blvd

Canada’s capital – 1: Getting the capital’s governance right

The main challenge facing the federal capital region is that it serves many quite different constituencies: various local populations as well as the Canadian citizenry as a whole. [From Inroads 30, 2012]
by Gilles Paquet

Rea and

The Liberals: The strange death of the political centre

Something very important has happened: the disintegration of the political centre. One need not have any loyalty or emotional attachment to the Liberal Party to conclude that this is not necessarily good news. [From Inroads 30,...
by Reg Whitaker



Canadian federalism and the would-be nation builders

Our destiny, if we are to remain Canadians, is to be non-American. It simply will not do, if one wants to understand our federation, to ignore this reality. [From Inroads 22, 2008]
by Gary Caldwell


Inspired by Canada?

Basques seek to reform their status in Spain [Inroads 17, 2005]
by Robert Scarcia



The asymmetry rainbow

From the European Union to Australia, 
asymmetrical federalism comes in many forms [Inroads 17, 2005]
by Alan Trench


Martin, Charest and the health care deal

This is a much condensed version of an article published in French in Michel Venne, ed., L’annuaire du Québec 2005 (Montreal: Éditions Fides, 2004). [Inroads 17, 2005]
by François Rocher



“Asymmetrical federalism”: A win-win solution?

“Asymmetrical federalism”: A win-win solution? An open letter which initially appeared in French in La Presse on October 22, 2004, and a reply [Inroads 17, 2005]
by Serge Joyal