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The left’s “greatest gift to the political right”

Arthur Milner on the problems with public service strikes [Issue 36, 2015]
by Arthur Milner


Making Canada’s immigrant selection policies work

In Canada, the primary purpose of immigration is regarded as being to boost the Canadian economy. Herbert Grubel proposes that economic immigrants should be admitted only if they have firm job offers in Canada. [Issue 34, 2013]
by Herbert Grubel


Francois Hollande campaign meeting in Toulouse

Elections in France and Greece cannot resolve Europe’s underlying problems

Ultimately the Greek and French elections signify nothing: they cannot address the toxic economic bonds that make fiscal policy a burning cross-border issue within the eurozone. [From Inroads 31, 2012]
by Finn Poschmann


The inequality surge

By 2000, the relationship was such that the highest-paid women were married to the highest-paid men, and the lowest-paid women to the lowest-paid men. [From Inroads 26, 2010]
by John Myles