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The last days of Weimar?

Reg Whitaker on the erosion of trust and civility in the United States [Issue 40, 2017]
by Reg Whitaker


Political theatre, then and now

Arthur Milner on political theatre in Canada [Issue 40, 2017]
by Arthur Milner



Populist or dictator in the making?

Garth Stevenson on the Philippines’ populist, and possibly dictatorial, president [Issue 40, 2017]
by Garth Stevenson


Spain: Will the new election resolve the impasse?

Marc Sanjaume-Calvet on the implosion of Spain’s two-party system [Issue 39, 2016]
by Marc Sanjaume-Calvet



Why do the poor support Ford and Trump?

Arthur Milner on why the poor vote for Donald Trump [Issue 39, 2016]
by Arthur Milner


A century after the Rising, Ireland is deadlocked

Garth Stevenson on the Irish impasse [Issue 39, 2016]
by Garth Stevenson


Martin Shkreli, former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals LLC, is sworn in to testify at a House Oversight and Government Reform hearing on "Developments in the Prescription Drug Market Oversight" on Capitol Hill in Washington February 4, 2016. Shkreli invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and declined to answer questions on Thursday from U.S. lawmakers interested in why the company raised the price of a lifesaving medicine by 5,000 percent.  REUTERS/Joshua Roberts TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY - RTX25HGY

Heroes of the new Gilded Age: Good, Bad or Ugly?

Reg Whitaker on our new Gilded Age [Issue 39, 2016]
by Reg Whitaker

Canada terrorist attacks

Harper’s way was fear and hatred

Reg Whitaker’s not so-fond goodbye to Stephen Harper [Issue 38, 2016]
by Reg Whitaker



Thoughts inspired by Aylan Kurdi

Arthur Milner’s thoughts inspired by the photograph of Aylan Kurdi [Issue 38, 2016]
by Arthur Milner


Imperial Russia redux and the crisis of Ukraine

Garth Stevenson’s inaugural column: Russia and Ukraine [Issue 38, 2016]
by Garth Stevenson



The Tories’ “big idea”

John Richards: The Conservatives’ “big idea” is a bad idea [Issue 37, 2015]
by John Richards


The Devil and Stephen Harper

Reg Whitaker: The anti-terrorism bill is a monstrosity [Issue 37, 2015]
by Reg Whitaker



Dying later, dying differently, dying when we want

Arthur Milner: When the time comes, I would like to get help dying [Issue 37, 2015]
by Arthur Milner


Groundhog Day in Ottawa

Reg Whitaker on Ottawa’s stale foreign policy debates [Issue 36, 2015]
by Reg Whitaker


2_Sam Javanrouh flickr

The left’s “greatest gift to the political right”

Arthur Milner on the problems with public service strikes [Issue 36, 2015]
by Arthur Milner


This is high school

A Canadian play and a Palestinian film offer similar insights about war [Issue 35, 2014]
by Arthur Milner



How citizens became democratic consumers

In recent years, a number of journalists have published books on Canadian politics. Some are forgettable, some quite good, but one stands out from all the others. [Issue 35, 2014]
by Reg Whitaker


The PQ’s toxic values brew

Columnist Reg Whitaker sees the Parti Québécois retreating into a narrow ethnic form of nationalism [Issue 34, 2013]
by Reg Whitaker