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Housing price lunacy moves east

The warning signs were all there, even for casual observers. To their credit, certain mainstream media outlets saw this unfolding, and posted sentries to report back to central Canada – Kathy Tomlinson of the Globe and Mail c...
by Henry Milner


Lunacy in Lotusland

Josh Gordon: Chinese investors are driving the housing bubble and politicians are avoiding the consequences [Issue 39, 2016]
by Josh Gordon



Gérald Tremblay and the tragedy of public life in Montreal

There is something Shakespearean about the political and personal consequences of the revelations of the Charbonneau Commission. [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Henry Milner

Photo: Former Laval mayor Gilles Valliancourt, Wikimedia Commons

The biggest corruption scandal in living memory

Irwin Block writes about the Montreal scandal. [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Irwin Block



Montreal: Autonomous entity or creature of Quebec?

Does a lack of autonomy make municipalities more vulnerable to corrupt practices? [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Eric Hamovitch


The stench of corruption

Is Montreal different, and if so, why? [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Brian Tanguay



Montreal is not alone

Montreal is not unique. A look at corruption in other cities. [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Robert K. Whelan


“Everything is rigged”

An introduction by Bob Chodos on the 'Corruption in Montreal' section of Inroads 33. [From Inroads 33, 2013]
by Bob Chodos



School board democracy

In the Poitou-Charentes region in west-central France, a participatory budget process for high schools has existed since 2005, resulting in greater transparency and the dissemination of more information about school boards. [Fr...
by Laurence Bherer


One person, one vote? The growing erosion of urban voting power in British Columbia

The gap in proportions of voters in urban constituencies and rural constituencies has risen dramatically in British Columbia. [From Inroads 30, 2012]
by John Richards



As ripe for storytelling as Dickens’s London: Novels inspired by South Asian cities

Five of the world’s ten largest cities are in South Asia. They display jarring extremes of abject poverty and extreme wealth, of ancient communal conflicts and newfound industrial productivity. [From Inroads 30, 2012]
by John Richards


The hum of human cities

The “creative city” touted by Glaeser or Richard Florida may be the exception that proves the rule. A dominant tendency in American culture has been the pursuit of mobility and outward expansion. [From Inroads 30, 2012]
by Paul Delany



Vancouver and the insatiable automobile

The streetcar city may have been the best way human beings have found to build aspirational urban fabric. Adjusted for our times, the pre-Motordom city can serve as the model for the post-Motordom city. [From Inroads 30, 2012]
by Gordon Price

Figure 1 Confed Blvd

Canada’s capital – 1: Getting the capital’s governance right

The main challenge facing the federal capital region is that it serves many quite different constituencies: various local populations as well as the Canadian citizenry as a whole. [From Inroads 30, 2012]
by Gilles Paquet



Canada’s capital-2: Planning a capital for all Canadians

The capital of a bilingual, multicultural Canadian federation must adapt national symbols, renaming geographic features, support national sports, celebrate culture and promote shared values. [From Inroads 30, 2012]
by David Gordon

bilingual blackboard

English versus French: A comparison of vitality in Quebec and Ontario yields surprising results

Is Camille Laurin’s dream that Quebec should be as French as Ontario is English turning into a nightmare? [From Inroads 28, 2011]
by Charles Castonguay



Urban Aboriginals

Peter Dinsdale on the disappointment at the failure of Michael Ignatieff to grapple with the complexities of urban Aboriginal reality. [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by Peter Dinsdale


Fixing Vancouver’s 
Downtown Eastside

Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside has been a famous hellhole for years. How can it be fixed? Arthur Milner has some ideas. [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by Arthur Milner