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A tale of two votes

Henry Milner tells a tale of two votes, in Sweden and Scotland [Issue 36, 2015]
by Henry Milner


Catalonia’s ambiguous vote

Eric Guntermann dissects Catalonia’s ambiguous vote [Issue 36, 2015]
by Eric Guntermann



The Senate reform bill:
A constitutional danger for Canada

The proposed Senate reform is ill-conceived. It will result in a harmful burdening of our federal decision-making process.
by Stéphane Dion


A decade of Nisga’a
 self-government: A positive impact, but no silver bullet

Under the Nisga’a treaty a First Nation obtained some degree of self-government. I was lead researcher in a major study of the this experiment. [From Inroads 31, 2012]
by Joseph Quesnel



Confidence game

Playing fast and loose with parliamentary conventions has weakened responsible government [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by Gary Levy


Lies my Fathers of Confederation told me

Are the governor general’s reserve powers a safeguard of democracy? [From Inroads 25, 2009]
by Bruce Hicks