Inroads is pleased to partner with CoverStory to offer its subscriber-only content for purchase on a per-article basis. Articles from the current issue and recent back issues are now on CoverStory, with links to CoverStory pages posted at the top of every subscriber-only article page on our website.

You can purchase articles on CoverStory by creating an account and having a starting balance as small as $9. When you purchase an article, its cost is deducted from your balance. Inroads articles are generally priced at just 99 cents, with some longer pieces priced at $1.49.

CoverStory is a Toronto-based platform that aims to make insightful journalism accessible with affordable pricing and a responsive, user-friendly website. Readers are able to discover a variety of relevant content on the website through the search features and through the automated recommendations the website generates using each reader’s transactions. In addition to Inroads, CoverStory’s magazine partners include Alternatives Journal and Green Teacher.

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