No. 43

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Inroads 43 turns its attention to Asia, with articles on the retreat of democracy in Southeast Asia, the key role of inadequate primary education in keeping South Asia poor, Japan’s divide over its pacifist constitution, and more.

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Who We Are

Bob Chodos

Bob Chodos has been managing editor of Inroads since 2002. His magazine career began with the groundbreaking Canadian alternative newsmagazine of the 1970s, the Last Post, of which he was one of the founders.... Read More

Frances Boylston

Frances Boylston has led a very international life. After obtaining her degree in sociology at a South Carolina college, she became one of the first Peace Corps volunteers and was posted to the Philippines... Read More

Henry Milner

Henry Milner has published eight books, the most recent of which is The Internet Generation: Engaged Citizens or Political Dropouts (University Press of New England, 2010), and edited four others. He has also written... Read More

John Richards

John Richards is a member of the faculty in the Graduate Public Policy School at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. He has written extensively on social policy in Canada, primarily via the C.D. Howe... Read More

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